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Stephanie Danielson 
Stephanie was born in a small town known as Sheffield, Pennsylvania. After having spent the first few years of her life as a military brat in Germany, the family moved to Beltsville, MD, where Stephanie... 
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Barry Bruner

Originally from Virginia Beach, Barry Bruner spent most of adult life in Richmond, Virginia where he studied Illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University. Over the years he received a lot of inspiration from his family who are all talented... read more.

Jacqueline Ferrante

Jacqueline resides in Long Island, New York. Jacqueline interns at three galleries in Brooklyn: A.I.R. Gallery, Trestle Gallery, and NURTUREart As the coordinator for exhibitions and web. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Drawing, Painting, and Theatre... read more.


Kurt Von Behrmann

Born into a family of both artists and musicians in Stuttgart Germany, Kurt Joachim von Behrmann literally followed in father’s footsteps as a published poet, arts writer and educator. His formal training... read more.

Diego Marcial Rios

"The artwork is a reflection of both positive and negative forces I see and feel in society. The complex imagery in the art is comprised of both ancient and modern symbolism. All of the art addresses strong social themes such as death, economic ... read more.

Lorette C. Luzajic

Lorette C. Luzajic has channeled her overactive imagination and voracious curiosity about everything into collage-based mixed media art. Every technical and philosophical facet of her art is committed to the application of mixed media, redefining the term to include concepts... read more.

Jacquie Waldman

Whimsical, ethereal, & narrative photographs are Jacquie Waldman’s forte. She is a 23 year old Whittier College graduate with a BA in Theater & Art. Collecting film cameras, drinking all kinds of coffee, & acting on an Improv... read more.

Jacquelyn Van Rixel

Jacquelyn Van Rixel was born and raised in the remote mountains of Idaho and now resides in the mountains of Vermont. As the environment and her interactions with it were such defining aspects of her early years, her fascination with the natural world can be seen... read more.

Dominic Laporte

Born and raised in Ottawa, Dominic continues to pursue his art career in Toronto. Art and music have been an extremely important part of his life for the last 10 + years. Dominic was first influenced by his brother who is a prolific graffiti artist... read more.

Grace Haynes

Grace Haynes was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Incorporating design, patterns, detail, and line into her art work, her favorite medium is micro pen because of the level of detail one can achieve. Currently attending community college, she will be... read more.

Ryan Crawley

Ryan Crawley is an artist that continues to enjoy the energy that color and line create. Enjoying the lines of the city and looking at objects that normally are seen as mundane has always intrigued him. The way the energy flows and commands attention has made a mark on his work... read more.

John Redmann

John Redmann was born in Blytheville, Arkansas. His father was in the military and this afforded him the unique privilege of travelling across the country and meeting people from all walks of life and different cultures. His art... read more.


Boston based street artist TRIG has been showcasing his work outside on walls and buildings for years. Now, being a Los Angeles transplant, where street art is a huge part of the culture, he can practice his craft at will. Using characters pulled from his wheat-pasted street more.

David Habben

David Habben has been drawing as long as he can remember. Encouraged by his wonderful wife, family, and friends, he has pursued art throughout his educational, professional and personal life. His work has shown in a variety of venues and publications, from Utah Business Magazine to... read more.

Darren Pearson

Pearson is a resident of Los Angeles, where he works as a full-time illustrator by day. By night, he explores the varying landscapes of California in search of the perfect scene for one of his life-sized light-sculptures. These light-sculptures are created through long exposure photography (the same technique... read more.

Steve Thomas

Born (1974) and raised in southern Ontario, I went to university in the U.S. for Informational Graphics and started working at a newspaper in Pittsburgh. I met my wife there (a fellow Canadian) and moved to the Twin Cities of Minnesota where we started a family. I worked... read more.

Brian Kappel

I draw. I paint. I create. It defines who I am. There is no other way for me to be. It’s like asking water why it’s wet, or fire why it’s hot, or cows why they are stupid... it’s just the way it is. I am only truly happy when I am up to my cranium in an idea. I grew up on B-movies, sci-fi, twilight zones... read more.

Madison Skriver

"I have been creating art from the time I could hold a Crayola. Music and vibrant color are my biggest inspirations. I want my art to convey a positive message, and most of all, to inspire other's creativity. Art has been a journey for me that I'm sure will continue more.

Andrew Macrae

Andrew Macrae's work has been shown throughout the continental United States from California to New York. He earned a degree in Studio Art from Humboldt State University with an emphasis in painting, most notably in the medium of watercolor on... read more.


Mark Mellon

The relationship of time and space. The organic and the energy. Our consciousness here an extension of there. The relationship between human to that of the universe, what co-exists in harmony to what is so naturally self combustible. To the spatial harmony of mind and matter. there is something far more grander in life than what we can even begin... read more.

Michael Martens

Michael Martens has been surrounded by cameras his entire life. His interest in photography and graphic design was sparked by his father's passion for the art as a professional wedding photographer. Majoring in Music Theory and Composition, Michael is also an active song writer living in Hollywood, CA. His band, Minus Ned, performs locally... read more.

Jillian Kogan

California artist Jillian Kogan is known for her exuberant large-scale textured assemblages of state and national flags. She demystifies their iconography using mixed media blended with found objects and sociopolitical elements in her three-dimensional compositions... read more.

Janelle Chanin

Janelle Chanin was born and raised in Hawaii where her love for photography started at an early age. It wasn't until her teen years that she began taking photography seriously. She attended Hawaii Pacific University where she earned a bachelors degree in... read more.

Chelsea Violet Javier

Chelsea Violet Javier is an artist currently residing in San Francisco, and is originally from Los Angeles. She enjoys working in various mediums, particularly ink on watercolor paper and paint on wood panel. She is a Fine Arts Major, Communications and Gender/Sexuality... read more.

Alexander Joesph

Alexander Joseph is an up-and-coming painter, poet, & song-writer who performs in the band Dr. Midnight--a shape-shifting chameleon of a group that has as deep an investment in bizarrely lascivious electro-funk as it does in shimmery dream-pop... read more.

Leyla Akdogan

Leyla Akdogan received her Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California, and studied jewelry design at the Gemological Institute of America in Manhattan. In 2005 Leyla relocated to Lacoste, France, where she studied illustration at the SCAD University campus... read more.

Avedon Arcade

Like a child coping with ADD, Avedon creates whatever comes to mind and whatever grabs his attention at any moment in time. Nothing ever specific, nor thematic, he simply takes inspiration from his surroundings that are constantly changing, as he is. This is... read more.

Tom Moon

Over the past three years, being behind a camera has become the main passion in my life. I grew up in Andover, MA and spent the time after high school living in Florida. From an early age, I have been propelled by a constant energy and curiosity about the great outdoors - to see... read more.

Katherine Fabrizio

Katherine Fabrizio loves throwing paint, adding copious amounts of water and playing with drips, in what she calls bohemian gypsy all-out unabashed love of beauty. Her works are unmistakably feminine and flirtatious. She unapologetic-ally is in her second half of life... read more.