About Artist Spot

Just like the movies, we want you to come to Artist Spot for inspiration & escapism.
Artist Spot was founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Matthew Mancinelli with the goal of connecting artists and art collectors alike. With many creative friends with limited exposure to buyers, Mancinelli aimed to build an online destination for these emerging talents. A curated art lifestyle brand for the passionate art enthusiast, Artist Spot's mission is to promote the arts and provide a voice to the right-brained talents of our time. 
For art buyers, Artist Spot is the destination to purchase art in all sizes, ranging from 8x10 all the way up to a 40x60. So, whether you're decorating your new 5000 sq ft. house or simply framing a new picture for your bedroom, Artist Spot is here for you.
"Not only is each design original and available in three forms: print, canvas and T shirt, each design is also apart of the artist expressing him/herself. If you dig a certain design, read about the artist. They are so interesting! Learning about your favorite artist's process, how they work and what inspires them is part of the fun of buying a piece of art from Artist Spot."